The #OSRLogoGate What a mess



So on November 15, the owner of the OSR logo dropped this statement (see screenshot) after what appeared to be some insulting words by an OSR community member about Transgendered folks.After reading what was said, it was purely trolling and insulting at the same time. The person is clearly an idiot looking for attention. I won’t call out an exact name here and what exactly they said because I am mostly focusing on Mister Robertson’s comments.

Also I’d rather not have the comments on here as it could be seen as a flag to crybabies to say I am promoting that hate.

If you are concerned about what was said, please go and google it your self.


Anyhow here is where the shit hit the fan, which started out as a simple “Please don’t use my logo that I invented, if you are going to produce any material that can be seen as “hateful towards women, LGBT+ or ethnic/religious minorities”. Which absolutely is his damn right to do so. Its his logo, he designed it (based off an old TSR logo) and released it under the Creative Commons Licence 3. That licence allows for a morality clause. Great. Here is his full statement:


Again, no issue with this, its his freaking right.

The thing about the OSR is that most of the community wants to remain Drama free, and this just pushed the drama to level 10 out of 10. So while it was not clear exactly what Stuart was attempting to do here with rumors spreading around of him attempting to say he owned the OSR letters and the whole movement, with the “Never Generic” blog diving into the each statement he made as he (Stuart) dug his hole deeper into the grave with the posting “I refuse to live in an OSR ruled by Stuart Robertson“.

While Never Generic started exposing Stuart for all his wording, he started back peddling and saying he never said such things.

He made a final clear statement:


While that’s great things in the OSR kind of blew up because all of this and the OSR community on G+ removed Stuart’s logo, and replaced it with a new one. This caused a bunch of leftist cry babies to spark up and start raging in their cribs asking why it was removed and how the group is now filled with bigots, racists and nazis because they removed Stuart dumb fucking logo.

I was able to capture this before the posting itself it went away (it was a comment) about an official statement by one of the moderators:


The owner of the group never made any public statements, but I did see an official posting of this moderator saying that the owner was in full support of being fair and objective with the new rules… which happened with this posting:


Now while the moderator of this community went out of his way to appease folks and shut them the fuck up, they went and created their own crybaby community because ya know the leftist attitude, “IF YOU DONT LIVE BY MY RULES…” and they started chatting up and gatekeeping with rules of their own:


I’d like to make a special note that there is basically two or three posts that actually involve gaming in this community, while all the other posts are basically ways to figure out how to gatekeep and suck on Stuart’s ballsack.

Digging into the more stupid comments made in the community, we can clearly see that Stuart feels that Drivethru is the problem as they help ya know publish all material (blindly) and don’t censor anything.


I guess their guidelines and policy set back in 2015 aren’t up to Stuart’s standards and he feels he needs to sit on the board and sign off on everything.. ya know don’t actually read material, just look at who wrote it.. “Conservative.. he said I smelled, deny his work”

What an ASSHOLE, BUT the stupidity doesn’t stop with this guy as the he continues more about the naming aspect of the OSR, focusing on the R in his statement here:


Little backstory as the OSR means a lot of different things to various people and no one thing defines the OSR. Its a movement to some, its a group identifier for others or its just a thought process when approaching games when you play them. Nothing has ever been fully agreed upon and no one person speaks for the OSR. BUT apparently Stuart thinks he does as he clearly shows here.

Let’s make the trifecta of stupidity complete, let’s boil it down to adding the fact he’s a white guy who is adding a race issue to things.. Don’t ya love when a white person starts talking about “white people this or that..” in a hateful way…when they themselves are white? Sound like someone grew up not liking themselves or doesn’t like themselves right now and the only way to get better “feels” is to call it out and get that reach around from your community. Heck he’s getting it.. lots of people are jerking him off daily


At this point, all this shit has given me a major headache, because man, this community is full of fuckheads and stupidity.

I want to talk about gaming, which is what is happening in the OSR G+ community (which will only be alive until August 2019 time frame, as Google is abandoning G+) and the new reborn community over on MeWe Social Network

I’d like to also note that both of those communities have this policy:

“There will be zero tolerance for any abusive or disrespectful posts in this community. Please be considerate of the interests of others or you will be removed from the group. This is your one and only notice.”

Political posts are off-topic and will be deleted.

Well that’s all I have to say on stupidity and Stuart.

Good night and God Bless America.


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